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Port of Tyne Supports Young Carers Respite Service

Port of Tyne announce support for local organisation TEN North East's Young Carers Respite Service. The two year sponsorship will help cover essential costs and build resilience of the service. 

TEN North East
TEN North East's Young Carers Respite Service has been operating for 18 years and is recognised as the leading provider of young carer support in South Tyneside. They currently support over 250 young carers and over 200 other children in the area and their service is crucial to the health and wellbeing of these individuals and their families.

Through the service young carers can be involved with after-school programmes to help build friendships, workshops to help develop important life-skills, and other recreational activities in the school holidays. The sponsorship will also support the introduction of a homework club.

The TEN North East team are experts in respite and emotional wellbeing support, with many of them having lived experience of being young carers themselves. Over the past two years, their staff rose to the challenge of adapting their services to reach those in need throughout the pandemic, including introducing a virtual service for young carers.

Louise Tinkler, Director of Human Resources at Port of Tyne commented: "We are proud to be supporting local organisation TEN North East who help a large number of young carers and children in our local community. The support provided to them by TEN North East allows the young carers to develop positive friendships as well as develop their confidence and self-esteem."

Levi Cosker, Programme Lead for Young Carers said: "We are so grateful for the support from Port of Tyne, which has helped fund respite activities on Young Carers Action Day on Wednesday 16th March and will see the re-launch of the homework club later in the year. The last two years have been tough for all of us and Young Carers especially have missed out, increasing isolation and anxiety. We work with Young Carers aged 5-24, supporting them to have a positive childhood."

For more information about the service, please contact Levi Cosker at