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New Cycle Parking Scheme Launched

A new cycle parking scheme has been launched in South Tyneside that lets organisations apply for free cycle parking stands.

The scheme is being introduced by South Tyneside Council and is managed by ParkThatBike, a social enterprise. It is one of several measures being rolled out to make it easier for people to cycle and walk for local trips now that lockdown restrictions have been eased.

Businesses, community groups, surgeries, shops, pubs, cafés, churches - in fact almost any organisation that has staff, visitors, or customers who arrive by bike - are eligible to apply.

Organisations can apply for up to four cycle stands free of charge. Successful applicants are then responsible for installing the stands on their premises, in a location which ParkThatBike has checked and approved. Conventional bike racks, heart-shaped stands, wall-mounted rails, PlantLocks (a combined planter and bike rack) and free-standing "toast-racks" are available.

To apply for free cycle parking visit and download an application form, or phone 01594 564 344.