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Business Blog: Reminder to Remain Compliant During Lockdown

Reminder to Remain Compliant During Lockdown. By Neil Henry

Neil Henry
HLA Services are the North East's leading Air Conditioning, Climate Systems and Temperature Control specialists. In this business blog Director Neil Henry reminds businesses to remain compliant so they can re-open again safely.

Regulating occupational health and safety during the coronavirus outbreak

As Britain's statutory regulator of occupational health and safety The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has taken action to ensure its important role continues effectively during the COVID-19 crisis. The Health and Safety Executive are operating remotely to continue its regulatory oversight of how duty holders are meeting their responsibilities in the context of the current public health risk.

Despite the demanding circumstances, compliance with occupational health and safety legal requirements remains with duty holders. Here are some key reminders to ensure your business remains compliant and is ready to reopen safely:

  • Water hygiene testing regimes should remain in place even if the building isn't in use. Before re populating the building all outlets should be adequately flushed including taps and showers. You should ensure an up to date water risk assessment is in place.
  • LEV systems (local exhaust ventilation) testing and certification must occur every 14 months. You should ensure your certification is in date before starting your system.
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment should be tested in accordance with the current Refcom guide lines which as a minimum could be from 1 inspection per year up to every 3 months depending on your system size and refrigerant gas charge.
  • Gas appliances for heating and water should be tested by a Gas Safe engineer as per the manufacturers' recommendations. Business owners have a duty of care to ensure equipment is safe and fit for purpose.
  • Portable electrical appliances should be PAT tested before use and fixed electrical circuits tested as per the latest electrical regulations for the particular workspace type.

HLA Services ltd can help you ensure your business remains compliant and ready to reopen safely. For further information visit or email

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