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Business Blog: A Time for Unity

A Time for Unity. By Shaun Sadler

UTS Engineering is a large engineering company operating across the UK, with our head office on the Bede Industrial Estate. We primarily serve the utility sector fabricating, delivering and installing essential pipeline equipment.

Sean Sadler UTS
The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the business landscape dramatically across the North East in a matter of weeks. When lockdown was implemented, many hung up their overalls and most production activity grinded to a halt. Many businesses are operating from homes across the country, as NHS staff, utility workers and carers became our critical workforce. Businesses have pivoted and there has been a national effort to support our key workers in a variety of ways.

The utility sector is of course part of this critical workforce, and for us at UTS Engineering, our foot has not left the pedal. Our emergency and planned work has remained crucial to the nation, and as such, our very own key workers have been out night and day, assisting water and gas providers. The uncompromised provision of such utilities is essential, especially at a time when hygiene is so critical.

We work to ensure that you, your families and the general public's water goes on uninterrupted. We have our fabrication teams working flat-out building bespoke pipework equipment to the highest quality. We have our expert Site Operatives throughout the country, on-site come rain, wind, snow or shine, ensuring the safety of our networks. Our team ensures we remain a hard-working, innovative and reliable business, and we owe them everything.

Giving back to those who give to us

Our work, and the opportunities afforded to us have been made possible by our people - who are predominantly residents of South Tyneside. We recognise this and always focus on giving back to the region. We have invested in local community groups and grassroots sports teams, as we try to support the growth of our youngsters and the next generation, as well as support those in need.

This need to focus on our local community is more important now than ever. When the crisis hit, we immediately increased our financial assistance to local foodbanks. We have been able to help them access commercial food warehouses to keep their supplies running during lockdown. We have partnered with The Red Hackle pub in Jarrow, setting up meal orders for our teams and helping to fund the pub's community kitchen initiative. We are proud to have been able to help some of our neighbouring businesses through our fabrication capabilities, including clothes manufacturer Barbour. This sense of unity, togetherness and sheer resilience are core values at the heart of our region.

We would like to use this opportunity to promote these values and call for other businesses to do the same. Procure local if you can but supporting the community doesn't have to be about making a financial contribution. You could offer support, expertise or time to the local business community, and the wider community. Social media is one of the greatest tools for showing your intentions. Offered help can be quickly picked up on the different platforms and can assist in untold ways. Why not make a post, or make a pledge today, and show how your business can support our region. #ProudtoSupport

UTS Engineering Ltd is a large engineering company operating out of the North east, servicing National and International Clients. The main aspect of the business is to service the utility sector which is vital to national infrastructure. UTS fabricates, delivers and installs essential pipeline equipment. More information:

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