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Tech Talks... Life App North

Tech Talks Life App North panel

Life App North, App Development Insights 

On Thursday 13 February 2020 we welcomed a panel of digital experts discussed insights into App development with host Ian Farrar from Far North Limited.

A live streamed event was also recorded for a podcast episode (Industry Angel Business Podcast). 

The panel was made up of the following digital experts:

  • Dylan McKee Co-founder & CEO, Nebula Labs Limited
  • Eimear Flynn Lead Android Developer, Nebula Labs
  • Radu Oprea Co-Founder at Direct Software & Epic Works
  • Mark Hemmings App Development

The discussion topics included:

  • The Tech scene in the NE
  • Creating an MVP
  • Bootstrap or Borrow
  • Specifying functionality
  • Launching in the stores
  • iOS Vs Android
  • Approval of Apps
  • Regional Collaboration

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