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Drugs and Alcohol at work - What Employers need to know

Drugs and Alcohol at work - What Employers need to know
The Quadrus Centre
9:15am to 10:45am

This 90 minute masterclass is targeted at small business owners or managers who want to understand more about how to address issues with alcohol and drugs in the work place and to understand more about introducing testing.

At The HR Dept we frequently get asked:

  • I have an employee who smells of alcohol, what should I do?
  • I suspect an employee has a drug addiction but I'm not sure how to raise it?
  • How do I test my staff for drugs?
  • I'm afraid if I introduce testing many of my staff will fail!
  • My employee gets drunk and does not come to work and its causing my business problems, what can I do?

If this sounds familiar then this masterclass delivered by the experts at Recovery4Life will leave you feeling more informed and able to address these issues and understand if testing is right for your business.

You are not alone. Studies have found 75 per cent of people using drugs are actually in employment and 44 per cent of those individuals admit to having sold drugs to their colleagues in the workplace. Substance misuse (drugs & alcohol) and unsupported poor mental health are estimated to cost UK industry over 30 billion pounds a year.

These figures do not address the widespread misuse of prescribed and over the counter medication for pain relief, resulting in undiagnosed addiction which can pose a major risk in the workplace (particularly if used with alcohol).

The commercial risks posed not only include workplace accidents, they can affect:

Reputation Absenteeism Presentism Productivity Staff turnover Theft

What to expect

  • How to spot alcohol and substance misuse in the workplace
  • Your duty of care as an employer
  • Understanding and minimising its impacts in the workplace
  • Understanding testing and how to apply it in your business
  • Complying with the equality act and remaining legally compliant

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