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Step forward our leading ladies...

Two of South Tyneside's strong female business leaders share their inspiration.

Louise Richley

A driving force, introducing promotional digital signage to clients including Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover, Louise Richley is a strong business woman with a focussed mindset.

Louise Richley, Beyond Digital Solutions

Louise Richley, CEO of Beyond Digital Solutions

As CEO of Beyond Digital Solutions, located on Monkton Business Park in Hebburn, Louise is inspired by the people around her, has a role model in Karen Brady and takes the time to map out her business goals.

Louise's first business was an estate agency marketing business, which started back in 2001. Covering the whole of the UK, the company collated data on the performance of estate agents in the local area and employed 70 people.

Her current business delivers creative digital signage solutions to some of the UK's largest brands, with their HQ in the North East delivering projects across the UK and Europe. Louise shared with us the biggest lessons learned in almost 20 years of business: keep the customer at the centre of the business and focus on your sales pipeline.

Working with a team she can trust and surrounding herself with passionate and energetic people who are willing to work hard is something Louise strives to achieve in her business too.

A parting piece of advice from Louise is: take some time to think about what your goals are - even if it's ten or twenty years ahead. . If you know what they are, then you can work out the roadmap for achieving them."

Louise also suggests that success is aligned with being stretched to achieve more.

"Work outside of your comfort zone," she says.

"It's a great way of learning what you are capable of."

Jacqui Chapman

Having worked in event production for many years, Jacqui Chapman set up JC Events in 2013, with the aim of delivering the most creative and engaging events in the industry.

Jacqui Chapman, JC Events

Jacqui Chapman, Director at JC Events

The company is based in South Shields, with its HQ at One Trinity Green, where everything happens, from outrageous but brilliant concept design to the manufacture of event pieces in the workshop. Walking into Jacqui's office is like discovering a treasure trove of glittering and outlandish props.

Jacqui believes that success for her business has been achieved because she surrounds herself with the very best talent in the industry and builds trust, respect and loyalty with both clients and her team.

Inspiration for Jacqui comes from working with Ed Sheeran, Sir Tim Rice, Mumford and Son and Gary Barlow, to name but a few.

Sharing her one piece of advice for success, Jacqui says: "Be fabulous, don't doubt yourself or you own abilities - if you work hard you can achieve anything!"

As featured in the Women in Business supplement3.29MB (The Journal, 28.03.19)