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AMF Monthly Meeting - "Making Tax Digital" and a bit of "FIRE"

AMF Monthly Meeting - "Making Tax Digital" and a bit of "FIRE"
Impeller Assurance & Resilience
12:00pm to 2:00pm

Whilst TAX may not ignite our inner fires (it might for some ) it is something that cannot be ignored.

Our AMF February monthly event is on the subject of "making tax digital".

The "FIRE" will come in from our hosts and one of our newest members to the forum, Impeller, who are a social enterprise in collaboration with Tyne & Wear Fire and Rescue and will kindly be putting on a real life fire demonstration for anyone who is interested. 

As we look ahead it's clear it will be year with significant changes, challenges and opportunity as we negotiate our exit from the EU, but this is not the only change on the horizon that will impact businesses.

For HMRC, 2019 will mark the start of their move towards a new digitised tax system, this will start with the way businesses must account for, and communicate their VAT. Unfortunately, this is not something you can ignore or push to the side, and your business will need to focus on becoming digitally compliant for VAT by April 2019 to avoid any penalties.


 - Alastair Wilson - Tax Partner, Tait Walker

 - Graham Dotchin - Head of Technology & Data Insight, Tait Walker

A networking lunch will be followed by the presentation. 


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