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Generator: Driving Business Growth through Effective Leadership & Management

Generator: Driving Business Growth through Effective Leadership & Management
Clavering House
9:00am to 5:00pm

The reason change and growth often fails, is when it comes from the assumption that change can be managed, and that by simply altering structural or strategic processes, people will get on board with the change. Change, and ultimately growth, isn't sustainable without individual people changing their thinking, beliefs and behaviour.

This session will provide key insight into the thinking, beliefs and behaviour of people, and the real triggers that cause friction within your business. It will equip you with new techniques to influence the people in your business, and to ultimately build more effective relationships with both your team and clients.

The aim of the workshop is to encourage, inspire and unlock some of the barriers for businesses looking to grow.

This is delivered in a group session, aimed at SME businesses with more than 20 staff, with a mix of learning through 1-2-1 delivery, breakout practice sessions and peer learning.

Business needs addressed

The takeaways from the session can be applied to a number of different business needs, including:

  • More effective leadership and management of staff / people
  • The ability to influence different levels of stakeholders from staff to the board, and clients
  • Managing and motivating staff
  • Overcoming communication challenges - verbal, written and body language
  • Effective brand management & external positioning
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Better recruitment & talent attraction practices
  • Stronger relationship building & networking
  • The ability to sell more, close deals quicker and negotiate more effectively

Delivered by

Sarah Callender - Commercial Director of Duo, Managing Director of Bdaily, North East Scaleup Advisory Board Member, Performance & Behavioural Change Coach, Co Founder of Ground Six and Experienced Business Advisor

Laura Weaving - Organisational Culture Change, Talent Attraction & Engagement Expert, Managing Director of Duo, Head of People & HR Strategy at Singleton Construction, Managing Partner of Talent Attraction at C&A Business Services, and Digital Union Advisory Board Member

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