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NEPO: Navigating the NEPO Portal

A new version of the NEPO Portal was launched last year and these sessions will provide all the information you might need to help you navigate the changes.

The Navigating the NEPO Portal sessions will provide participants with:

  • Greater confidence in using the Portal
  • An understanding of the Quick Quotes system and which local authorities use it
  • How to find the Contracts Register, download it and search it for information
  • Step by step guidance covering a range of Portal tasks such as registering your account, submitting a quotation or tender, participating in eAuctions, and more.
  • An informal setting in which to ask specific questions relevant to your own needs
  • The opportunity to give NEPO feedback so that we can improve the user-experience for others

The one-hour sessions will be led by our NEPO Portal administrators - Sarah Marshall or Scott Bell - both of whom have several years of experience supporting businesses in using the NEPO Portal.

Who should attend?

The sessions will be of interest to any organisation that feels they would benefit from hands-on support in using the NEPO Portal.


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